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Dont you lovE mE

不管是问 do you love me?还是 don't you love me? 回答都是yes,i do. 不过答案翻译成中文就不一样了。 ——do you love me?你爱我么? ——yes ,i do.是的,我爱你。 ——don't you love me?你不爱我么? ——yes,i do.不,我爱你。 虽然最后一个回答的...

难道是why don t you love me碧昂斯 beyonce唱的?

as long as you love 贾斯汀唱的

我想你找的这首歌也是我想要找的,是不是神枪狙击第十集的一首英文歌。部分歌词是这样的I can fill you hunger and your thirst....... but if you want the next world.....don't you love me......... here and now。

Now, now, now, honey 此时此时此时,我的甜心 You better sit down and look around 你最好坐下来看看周围 Cause you mustve bumped yo head 因为你必须昂起头 And I love you enough 我爱你够多了 to talk some sense back into you, baby 足...

歌曲名:You Dont Have To Say You Love Me 歌手:Elvis Presley 专辑:An Afternoon In The Garden 歌词: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me John Barrowman When I said I needed you You said you would always stay It wasn't me who changed...

英语的回答和中文不同,根据后面半句来决定是否的,所以应该用 Yes, I do. 他们没有No, I do 或者Yes, I don't 的回答。

英文不标 Stupit!! Stupit!! Baby 淫らな Fixer は (Oh-Oh-Oh) mi da ra na wa 最上阶の Burning love sa i jyou ka i no 一缕の不安は Sandstom i chi ru no fu an wa How we… How we roll 外れ引けないよ No-n-No ha zu re hi ke na i yo Oh! ...

Do you love me? 你爱我吗? Yes, I love you. 是的,我爱你。 No,I don't love you 不,我不爱你。 I don't know how to love you 我不知道如何去爱你 I don't know much about you. 我不太了解你

Lifestyle - Rich Gang I've done did a lot of shit just to 我做了很多 live this here lifestyle 只为了这种生活方式 We came straight from the bottom, 我们从底部直接置身最高处 to the top, my lifestyle 我的生活方式 Nigga livin' life...

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